Wrapping them Up

Logitech has really focused on the gaming market with some pretty solid products.  It does not look like they are simply applying marketing labels, but are actually doing quite a bit of science to increase the efficacy of their products when it comes to this application.  Headphones are a very competitive market with thousands of products to choose from at a huge variety of price points.  Logitech has gotten very aggressive in pricing their products so that they appeal to the average gamer who may or may not have a tremendous amount of financial backing for their purchases.

The volume wheel and mute button are easy to find and adjust. Just hit that mute and say, "McKay to command" just for kicks.

The G230 is a solid, but uninspiring entry level product.  For $40 US it offers a nice tradeoff of functionality for a low price.  Gaming audio is very good considering that price, but music and movies take a back seat.  Users might improve their experience by investing in a much more expensive sound card and potentially an external amplifier, but do not expect miracles.  The design is good, the colors should not turn too many people off, and the price is right.  $40 just is not a whole lot of cash to spend on a piece of equipment that will likely last several years through daily use.  I think the build quality of the G230 will allow it to be used as such.  I have let my children abuse them for several months and they still work and fit like they should.

The Dolby Headphone functionality can be adjusted through these volume sliders to maximize the surround experience for individual users.

The G35 is a different beast altogether.  The USB and Gaming software give this a leg up in terms of pure functionality, but that is not the entire story.  Logitech has tuned the performance of these headphones much more tightly than the G230, and it shows with the overall sound reproduction quality.  It was above average in gaming performance, and good in both music and movie playback.  These are not audiophile headphones and should not be confused as such.  They are clean and moderately transparent and are not a distraction in any of the usage scenarios that I have covered.

Changing voice effects can be accomplished here. This can be of limited functionality in games, but it is a fun and cheap gimmick that can generate a few laughs.

Logitech is serious about gaming.  It is a market that is rapidly expanding, far faster than nearly any other media type around.  The G35 is natively supported in multiple consoles if a user so desires that usage case.  The G230 is a solid entry-level headset with good build quality and solid gaming performance.  For double the price of the G230 a user gets a much better experience and far greater control over their audio.

The G35 earns the Gold Award for a combination of quality, features, and affordability

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