Introduction, Packaging, and A Closer Look

We take a look at Logitech’s latest racing wheel for PC and PS4, the Driving Force G29!


We haven’t had a chance to sit down with any racing wheels for quite some time here at PC Perspective. We have an old Genius wheel on a shelf in the back of our closet here at the office. Ryan played around with that a few years back, and that was the extent of the racing wheel usage here at home base. Josh, on the other hand, frequents driving sims with a Thrustmaster F430. I hadn’t ventured into racing sims, though I do dabble with the real thing a bit.

Given our previous  Logitech coverage, and especially following our recent Q&A covering the new LogitechG line, it only made sense for us to take a look at the new Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel.

Today we are covering the G29, which is a PS3/PS4/PC specific model from Logitech. There is an Xbox/PC variant coming soon in the form of the G920, with will have a different (fewer) button layout and no LED RPM/shift display.


The G29 came to us triple-boxed, with cardboard dividers separating the various parts. All parts were plastic bagged, and there was certainly a ‘new car smell’ upon opening the leather wrapped wheel.

A Closer Look

With all parts unpacked, we have some simple setup directions, a set of triple pedals, a power adapter, and the G29 wheel itself.

Taking a closer look at the pedals, we see they are of high quality construction. To better approximate the feel of actual car pedals, the spring rates and travel are different for all three pedals.

At the underside of the pedal assembly we find a few rubber feet, six threaded (M6x1) holes for mounting to a racing chair setup, and a spring loaded section of plastic spikes that can be extended.

These dig into carpet and prevent the pedal assembly from sliding backwards as pedals are depressed.

On the underside of the wheel we find the desk clamps and two additional M6x1 screw mounting holes. Cable management is nicely done here, with grooves to route all cables onto a built-in cleat which comes in handy to prevent cable ends from being pulled out of their connectors. Note there is no shifter connected here, as the shifter is optional with both the G29 and G920 Driving Force wheels.

At the top edge of the wheel we find a green power LED and a switch for PS3/PS4 compatibility.

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