BioShock Infinite and Civilization: Beyond Earth

BioShock Infinite

As with synthetic testing all game benchmarks will begin with the results sorted by GPU, and then by overall rank.

Civilization Beyond Earth

This game is known to be more dependent on CPU performance, so it should be an excellent test of the differences between CPUs using the same GPU. We start with those results.

Interesting – while the high-end GPUs were heavily dependent on CPU power, once we move down to the mid and low-end cards the results were very similar. Mantle results were similarly more significant using the R9 290X, with less benefit from the lower-end GPUs in this game.

Next we look at the same results ranked by overall average FPS.

And now we move up to 1440p.

Minimum frame rates are obviously much higher in most cases using Mantle with the AMD cards, but there are some odd results here, too. The Athlon X4 860K finished second only to the i7-4790K with the GTX 980? Results can be quite strange at times – or maybe the 860K really is that good? I was a little surprised that the R9 290X didn't win overall using Mantle, but look at the massive improvement with minimum frame rate! My impression of the game (from the short benchmark sequence anyway) was that Mantle provided a much more consistent frame rate, and this is obvious from the results. However this was less significant with the lower GPUs, with DX11 providing better results with the R7 260X for example.

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