When compared to last generation Z97 and X99-based systems, the Z170-A motherboard performs as expected with numbers slightly better than the Z97 and significantly slower than the workstation class X99-based system. Obviously this is nearly completely dependent on the processor platform at play in each case.


This preview of the ASUS Z170-A motherboard was meant to give you an introduction to ASUS' enhancements introduced for the Intel Z170 Express chipset motherboards as well as a performance comparison to the last generation Z97 and X99 platforms. ASUS updated the aesthetics of their channel series of boards in comparison to the Z97 line, going with a black and white design rather than the black and gold of the Z97 line. Further, they enhanced the UEFI with Skylake-specific CPU features as well as a new version of their EZ Flash Utility adding network based BIOS update directly from within the UEFI.

In our more in-depth review, we will more fully cover the other aspects of this motherboard as well as exploring its performance potential in comparison to other Intel Z170 Express-based motherboards.

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