Screen and Cameras

The Screen

I've already raved about the quality of the 10.5-inch OLED display, which really must be seen in person to fully appreciate. I can tell you that everyone here at the site who has seen it in person has been really impressed, and though it is very saturated (perhaps to an unnatural degree) it is an intoxicating experience. So how does the more-real-than-real look of this 2560×1440 OLED screen fare when measured for color accuracy?

Not surprisingly (considering the PenTile RGBG pattern of the AMOLED display) the display has a decidedly green cast when measured with my Spyder4Pro colorimeter, though in use the human eye does a remarkable job of interpreting the display with more natural color. Still, compared to an IPS display in a tablet like the iPad (which is extremely close to a perfect CIE triangle) the result is technically far less accurate. This is why I insist that the Venue 10's screen must be seen in person to be appreciated. Other than contrast it simply won't measure well – but it looks amazing.


Ryan covered the Intel RealSense functionality with our review of the smaller Dell Venue 8 tablet, and there are certainly some cool features such as measuring objects in photos (should you ever need to do this).

I took a few snapshots to illustrate the quality of the camera(s) on the back of the Venue 10 7000. The results from the 8MP rear shooter were pretty bad, actually, with washed-out color and a lack of overall detail.

The images below have not been edited in any way, and may be viewed at full resolution if you'd like a better look at what to expect (at least on a sunny afternoon).

While these are decidedly average tablet photos the front-facing webcam was far worse, with a dim and extemely noisy image during my testing with Skype.

Next we'll have a look at performance benchmarks to see how the Atom SoC stacks up.

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