Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • COST – This is the cheapest VRR 144Hz capable display available!
  • FreeSync fucntions across the *full* range of 30-144 FPS (bravo, Nixeus!)
  • No glossy parts on screen, bezel, or stand (take note, Acer)
  • Very light weight, especially in the 'B' SKU (simple stand) – ideal for LANs


Pricing and Availability

These are currently shipping as of this writing.

$330. Wow. Sure it's only 24" and a TN panel, but it is a variable refresh rate display that runs up to 144 Hz!

Final Thoughts

With the vast majority of Variable Refresh Rate displays coming at a price premium, we *finally* have a sub $500 gaming display that can get VRR tech into the hands of the more frugal gamers out there. This may only be a 1080P display, but that variable refresh range of 30-144 Hz is bound to be a wake up call to every other FreeSync display maker out there, as none of them have been able to reach that broad of a VRR window. There were some contrast / gamma issues out of the box but those reading this review will be armed with the knowledge to correct them. Overdrive was not only functional, it was among the best we have seen from FreeSync offerings so far. Oh and lets not forget that the price is over $170 cheaper than the competing equivalent G-Sync offering. If you're an AMD gamer and have been waiting for FreeSync prices to come down, the Nixeus NX-VUE24 may just be your reason to pull the trigger on that upgrade!

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