Results: Cinebench R15 and 7-Zip

Cinebench R15

The latest version of Cinebench is nicely threaded and can be sensitive to memory bandwidth and latency issues.  Single and max threads benchmarks are used.

Single threaded performance is identical with both boards, but we do see an interesting difference in multithreaded testing.  As mentioned above, this benchmark can be quite memory sensitive, especially when in multithreaded mode.  More threads require more memory bandwidth and the MSI board with the 2133 has a measurable and almost significant lead over the ASRock.



This nice little program has a handy benchmark included that scales very nicely with core count.  It also becomes more memory dependant as the thread counts increase.

Just as we saw in Cinebench the MSI board with its faster memory takes a goodly lead over the ASRock board with the 1866 memory.  Not huge leads, but once we get to 8 threads then it is very evident which board is faster in this particular benchmark.

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