The Power Connect U600

EMTEC did well in the overall design of the Powerconnect making it both portable and useful.  Many multifunction devices tend to do many things poorly and it is often preferable to have many devices which do one thing well – thankfully in this case that is not true.  The Powerconnect weighs just under 150g and is slightly smaller than a deck of cards so it will not be noticeable tossed into your bag.  Inside the box you will find the U600, a Type A to Micro-B USB 2.0 cord and a setup guide.

At the top of the device you will see three LEDs, a simple and effective way to communicate the status of the device.  The green LED on the right indicates that the device is powered and can be used to charge your devices, a single click to the power button will leave the WiFi connectivity turned off to ensure the full charge of the 5200 mAh battery will only be used for charging.  Hold the power button for five seconds to enable wired and wireless connectivity from either from a powered down state or while the device is powered on.  Wireless connectivity is indicated by the blue LED located in the middle and WAN connectivity is indicated by the green LED to the left.  Pressing the power button again for 5 seconds will turn the device off.

All the ports are covered with a rubber protector which will keep fluff from fouling your connections and offering at least some protection against liquids.  The power button is located on the same side as the full sized USB port which will charge a device connected to the Powerconnect, it provides up to 5V at 1A and also allows you to use the Emtec as a USB storage device.  The left side offers a MicroSD slot for storage and a mini-USB port for charging the Powerconnect once you have drained the battery.  There is also a reset switch, a boon for those who occasionally forget a password.  Finally at the top is a full sized LAN port to connect the U600 to your local LAN to be mapped, accessed or simply to provide internet access for devices currently wirelessly attached to the U600.

The covers snap back into place promptly and are easy to open assuming you haven't chewed your fingernails to the quick.  In addition to offering external storage and a place to back up your phones apps and contacts you can connect via a LAN cable to have your choice of DLNA or SAMBA connectivity in addition to the web interface.  Charging met the claims, the device will charge a phone from about 30% to 90% in an hour and was even able to keep the relatively power hungry Tegra 3 in a Kobo Arc 7 HD happily playing videos for hours although that did warm the U600 noticeably.

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