The Wi-Fi HDD P600

The P600 is a more simple device than the U600, a wireless hard drive with both LAN and WiFi capabilities, without the hotspot feature present on the PowerBank.  It shares a similar shiny black exterior but does not sport the same rubber covers as the charger.  Along with the P600 and a quick start manual you will find a Type A to Micro-B USB 3.0 cord.  At 280g and at about 130x90x30mm it is heftier than the Powerconnect but not onerously so.

The top of this device features four LEDs, indicating power on the right with a green LED, HDD activity with a pale blue LED next to it followed by a dark blue LED for WiFi connectivity and finally a green LED on the far right to indicate a LAN connection to your network.

The bottom of the device offers a power button, USB 3.0 port for charging or data transfer as a USB drive as well as the LAN connection and a reset button if you find yourself stuck.  Connecting the USB drive to a mobile device is as easy as finding it on your list of WiFi networks and entering the password … which you have changed from the default by now, right?  When connected with a LAN cable you will see the device listed twice under Network if you are set up for DNLA, once as a media device in addition to seeing it connected under Other Devices via SAMBA.  Double click to launch the web interface to access your files or move files from your PC to the P600.  When charging via USB you can also access the P600 as you would any other USB connected storage device.

One feature that was implemented very effectively on the P600 is Dropbox integration.  When connecting to the device via the iOS or Android app you can click on Dropbox, enter in your credentials and the drive will immediately start to sync the contents of your account.  Now your phone can have access to all the files on your Dropbox account, without a need to play with your sync settings or risking completely filling up all available storage.

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