EMTEC Connect Software

The interface of both devices is quite similar, with few variations between them.  To connect you can use the web interface or install the EMTEC app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.  The app offers device specific extra options on the home page, the Powerconnect allows you to back up the contents of your mobile device as well as your contacts while the HDD offers integrated Dropbox syncing.

To log in to the home page you are prompted to enter your credentials to access the device.  Both devices come configured with an admin user and a read-only guest account, you can create more user via the Settings menu if you so desire.  The home page offers a quick way to get at your multimedia and documents as well as the Settings page and the Explorer for uploading files as well as access to your Dropbox files on the P600 when using the web interface.

Under the Explorer interface you will see an icon on the upper right, just below the Home button, which is your interface for transferring files.  Enter into the Share folder or any others you have created and click the transfer button to bring up a standard explorer window to transfer files.  It will allow you to select multiple files from within a folder to upload all at once, the interface will then display the status of the uploads and automatically close once all files have been transferred.  Speeds will be dependant on the connection you chose, determined by the speed of your wired or wireless connection and in the case of the P600, by the speed of the internal HDD when transferring via the USB 3.0 cable.

Playback is as simple as choosing the type of file you desire from the menu, the files are automatically placed in those categories based on the file extensions. In an impromptu testing session over a few pints, 5 devices were able to steam Monty Python over WiFi with no stuttering or dropouts, living up to EMTEC's claims of simultaneous usage.

The Settings menu offers quite a few different options for you to configure your device.  Multiple Users with different password and permissions can be created, DNLA, UPNP and Samba services can be enabled or disabled and there is a wizard for those who want a simplified setup process.  The Network settings are more comprehensive than some other products as you can change the Host Name, modify the scope of IP addresses available with the device and switch between DHCP and Static IP for the device when connected to your network.  As well you can modify how the device allows connections to it, changing the DHCP server options which the device will use.  The Internet page allows you to specify wired or wireless access as well as toggling between DHCP and manual configurations.

When using the iOS or Android app you will see the same pages available, with the two extra features previously mentioned appearing on the bottom left.  For the U600 you can quickly back up your phone and for the P600 you can quickly jump into your Dropbox folder.

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