Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside our review sample of the Toughpower DPS G 850W power supply.  Thermaltake appears to be using Channel Well Technologies (CWT) this time around as their OEM for the new Toughpower DPS G 850W PSU. Note, this is a different OEM than the one used to build the Toughpower DPS 750W/850W/1050W models.

The power supply utilizes a modern design with LLC resonant converter topology to minimize switching losses and help increase efficiency. Two DC-to-DC converters are used on the secondary to produce the +3.3V and +5V minor rails from the +12V main section. Note the heavy orange and red wires carrying power from the DC-to-DC converters to the front modular connector board.

All of the electrolytic capacitors used inside the DPS G Series are high-quality Japanese made and rated for 105°C operation. The PSU incorporates a single primary capacitor made by Nippon Chemi-Con rated for 560uF, 400V and 105°C. The overall component layout looks good and is what we have come to expect from CWT.

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