DPS Smart Power Management Software

As we said in the introduction, one of the Toughpower DPS G power supply’s most unique features is the embedded micro controller that enables the PSU to communicate with Thermaltake’s Smart Power Management software. The SPM software goes beyond just a program you load on your PC to see what the power supply is doing (although you can stop there if you want). It includes a comprehensive set of intelligent platforms that work together to provide a wealth of features to home enthusiasts and IT professionals. A detailed analysis of SPM is beyond the scope of this review; so here is an overview to help you get started with understanding the software’s full potential.

To start, a physical connection is made between the PSU and host PC via the included DPS USB cable shown below.

One end of the cable plugs into the USB labelled port on the front of the power supply and the other end plugs into an open USB header on your PC’s motherboard.

Thermaltake has developed a comprehensive suite of Smart Power Management software, which includes three different modules (download the latest versions from the Thermaltake website). Not only can you monitor various power supply parameters on your host PC, you can also monitor this data from the Cloud on a remote PC, laptop or mobile device. Note: the SPM software is designed for monitoring, recording, and analyzing data; it does not allow you to control or make changes to any of the power supply’s parameters. With Thermaltake’s earlier DPS App, you could control the PSU fan speed (and +12V output voltage on the DPS 1050W model only).

(Courtesy of Thermaltake)

•    DPS G PC App 2.0
•    DPS G Smart Power Management Cloud 1.0
•    DPS G Mobile App 1.0

DPS G PC App 2.0

This is the software that runs on your host PC and lets you monitor numerous power supply parameters (voltages, power, efficiency, temperature, fan speed, etc.) and also gives the user access to digitally monitor key parameters of the CPU and GPU (voltage, wattage, power, temperature).

The main control panel allows you to select a particular parameter to monitor (middle row of icons) and then displays the information in the top section. The bottom row of icons provides access to: Home, Settings, Record, Share, and About.

The software also has the ability to send alerts regarding a potential problem with a high temperature or unexpected loss of fan speed, as illustrated above.

DPS G Smart Power Management Cloud 1.0

With the DPS G Smart Power Management Cloud 1.0 App, users can access their PSU/VGA/CPU data via PC or mobile devices. By uploading the data onto the Smart Power Management Cloud every 6 hours, users are capable of monitoring multiple PSUs via their mobile devices (potentially achieving IT cost reduction) while monitoring the PSU. Additionally, users can access data on different devices – PC or mobile devices – anytime anywhere.

(Courtesy of Thermaltake)

In addition to monitoring PC and power supply parameters and receiving Warning Alerts, SPM Cloud software provides Analysis (total run time, total cost, and kWh) and Charting (bar, line, and pie charts) tools. You can also run various reports (Energy Consumption Report or ECO Report).

DPS G Mobile App 1.0

The DPS G Mobile App allows users to monitor one or more PSUs anywhere at any time. The DPS G Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices (you can download from the App Store or Google play).

Select Single Comparison to choose a specific parameter to monitor in detail or Total Analysis to see all the selected data available from a PSU.  The DPS G Mobile App also allows you to see charts and receive Warning Alerts.


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