Mobile Tech

LG Nexus 5X Unlocked Smartphone – $379, Amazon

The Nexus line returns to form with the Nexus 5X, an affordable unlocked smartphone with a the promise of direct access to the latest versions of Android. The 5X builds on the original Nexus 5 from LG, with a Snapdragon 808 SoC powering things behind a very high quality IPS LCD display, and the camera boasts an impressive 1.55 µm pixel size for better low-light performance.

NVIDIA Shield tablet K1 – $199.99, Amazon

The most powerful Android tablet is now $100 less, and though it has a new name nothing has changed besides the price (and the fact that it no longer ships with a micro-USB charger). If you don't mind the barebones package it's hard to argue with the price for a tablet that can boast 192 CUDA cores and very nice 1920×1200 resolution display, making it agreat choice for Android gaming and content consumption.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 10Ah Portable External Battery – $21.99, Amazon

Let's face it, everyone runs of battery sometime and it's nearly the worst feeling in the world. We have been using Anker branded chargers and batteries here at PC Perspective for quite a while and I've never had an issue with quality or life. This 10Ah battery is enough to get ~5 charges on your iPhone 6s and ~3 added charges on your typical Android based device with a 3000mAh battery. And for $21 or so, it's a value for you and your gift recipient!

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