Packaging and Parts

The SilverStone ST75F-GS power supply arrived packed inside a large retail box showcasing the unit’s features and specifications.  

The power supply is wrapped in plastic but noticeably missing were the usual foam inserts.

In addition to the power supply the box contains a power cord, mounting screws (both machine screws and thumb screws), wire ties, Velcro cable ties, Installation Guide, Product Manual, and eight modular cables.

Notice that the main 24-pin ATX power cable has an extra cable attached with a 4-pin connector on the end.

That extra little connector is not a 4-pin 12VATX but instead plugs into the PSU. The extra wires are voltage sense wires, which enables the PSU to “sense” what the actual output voltage is at the 24-pin ATX connector for more precise voltage regulation.

You can see how this cable attaches to the PSU in the photo above.

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