Silent Base 800 vs the Silent Base 600

Again, because the Silent Base 800 is so similar to the Silent Base 600 we reviewed earlier this year, we are not going to repeat all the details outlined in that review, but instead focus on the key differences.

Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Mid-Tower Case Review

External Dimensions and Feet

Externally, the Silent Base 800 is 2.5” taller than the Silent Base 600, but inside they are nearly identical. The central steel chassis is the same.

The extra height of the SB 800 results from the design of the top and bottom plastic sections that incorporate large ducts to channel air. The bottom section has been eliminated and the top section made smaller on the SB 600 without any noticeable difference in cooling performance.

The Silent Base 800 incorporates two legs that run down the length of each side of the case while the Silent Base 600 has done away with legs and uses four flat rubber feet instead.

I/O Panel Location

Silent Base 800 I/O Panel

The location of the external I/O panel on the Silent Base 800 is on the top panel. Be Quiet! moved the location to a more user-friendly location (easily accessible from the front of the case) on the Silent Base 600.

Silent Base 600 I/O Panel

Bundled Cooling Fans

The Silent Base 800 comes with three Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 fans (two 140mm intakes and one 120mm exhaust) pre-installed along with several options that support up to two additional fans on the top panel.

Silent Base 800 Pre-Installed Cooling Fans

The newer Silent Base 600 comes with just two pre-installed fans: one 140mm intake and one 120mm exhaust. Other than the missing fan all of the optional fan and/or radiator mounting locations are the same.

Drive Bays and Storage

Another notable difference between the two Silent Base enclosures is the number of internal drive bays. The Silent Base 800 comes with two removable 3.5” drive cages that can mount up to seven 3.5” HDDs and/or two 2.5” SSDs. The SB 600 comes with one drive cage that can mount up to three HDDs and one SSD. Both cases have additional mounting locations for two SSDs.

The upper cage can mount three 3.5” devices while the lower cage can mount four. One 2.5” SSD can be mounted to the top of each drive cage (but this blocks the top 3.5” bay).

Two more 2.5” SSD mounting locations are provided on the backside of the motherboard panel, below the large CPU area cutout.


Silent Base 800 with Window: $149.90 USD
Silent Base 800 w/o Window: $139.90 USD
Silent Base 600 with Window: $119.90 USD
Silent Base 600 w/o Window: $109.90 USD

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