My new desk mate

At CES Logitech G released the G502 mouse with an RGB update, and it’s found its way to my desk.

Earlier this month at the 2016 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, Logitech released a new product for the gaming market that might have gone unnoticed by some. The G502 Proteus Spectrum is a new gaming mouse that takes an amazing product and makes it just a little better with the help of some RGB goodness. The G502 Proteus Core has been around for a while now and has quickly become one of the best selling gaming mice on Amazon, a testament to its quality and popularity. (It has been as high as #1 overall in recent days.)

We have been using the G502 Proteus Core in our gaming test beds at the office for some months and during that time I often lamented about how I wanted to upgrade the mouse on my own desk to one. While I waited for myself stop being lazy and not just switching one for the G402 currently in use at my workstation, Logitech released the new G502 Proteus Spectrum and handed me a sample at CES to bring home. Perfect!

  Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Specifications
Resolution 200 – 12,000 DPI
Max Acceleration >40G
Max Speed >300 IPS
USB Data 16 bits/axis
USB Report Rate 1000 Hz (1 ms)
Processor 32-bit ARM
Button rating 20 million clicks
Feet rating 250 kilometers
Price $79 –

The G502 Proteus Spectrum is very similar to the Core model, with the only difference being the addition of an RGB light under the G logo and DPI resolution indicators. This allows you to use the Logitech Gaming Software to customize its color, its pattern (breathing, still or rotating) as well as pair it up and sync with the RGB lights of other Logitech accessories you might have. If you happen to own a Logitech G910 or G410 keyboard, or one of the new headsets (G633/933) then you'll quickly find yourself in color-coordinated heaven.

In the box you'll find the mouse, attached to a lengthy cable that works great even with my standing desk, and a set of five weights that you can install on the bottom if you like a heavier feel to your mousing action. I installed as many as I could under the magnetic door on the underside of the mouse and definitely prefer it. The benefit of the weights (as opposed to just a heavier mouse out of the box) is that users can customize it as they see fit.

Logitech has upgraded the wire on the G502 to a braided design that should keep it from getting cut or nicked on sharp edges, making it easier to glide around your desk top for a longer time. 

You like buttons? The G502 has you covered without over doing it like some other mice. Besides the two primary switches up top you'll find 9 more buttons to get your fingers on. You have a thumb switch to temporarily lower the DPI (perfect for zooming in and sniping in FPS games), two upper thumb buttons for forward/back in Windows and whatever else you map in your games. You can switch between DPI settings with the two buttons to the left of your index finger and rotate between one of three profiles with the button under your palm. 

Assuming there are many people like myself that like to switch between the free spinning scroll wheel and the mode with notched scrolling, you'll love that the G502 supports that with a physical switch just behind the wheel. I personally prefer to use the free scrolling for typing in Word documents but the notched style for web browsing. Don't hate.

Everyone's hand sizes are different, and cuticle care as well, but the G502 Proteus Spectrum fits me perfectly. Sorry, but lefties need not apply…

Though it's hard to tell in photos, the light on the G logo is bright and uniform, the same with the DPI indicators. It's fair to claim that RGB illumination is less impactful on this mouse since your hand will cover the G logo during use, but users will still get the added decorative charm when not in use.

Using the Logitech Gaming Software is straight forward and easy enough to set profiles or adjust the RGB color schemes. If you have multiple Logitech accessories, you can synchronize the colors and patterns across them all with a simple click of an icon. It's a cool feature and one that should make Logitech fans happy and likely bring some new ones on-board.

A mouse is a very personal decision, and I'm not here to poo-poo on anyone else's favorite mouse. But for me, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the perfect balance of performance, features, build quality and price. You can find the RGB-less G502 Proteus Core for $66 on Amazon while the upgrade RGB Spectrum model will cost you $79. If you don't see the value in a colored G logo under your palm, save $10 or so and get the Core model, it otherwise has identical feel and features. The G502 has found a permanent home on my desk at the PC Perspective offices, and that is about as telling of a recommendation I can give!

Logitech G502 Proteus Core and Spectrum