Controls and Software

There are programmable buttons located on the left earcup, along with the basic power and volume controls. I found the physical controls easy to reach up and use, though I maily just used the volume wheel. The buttons can be customized for gaming, which we'll see as we open up the Logitech software.


Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) is used for customization and setup beyond the very basics, and the application that allows easy adjustment of virtually every aspect of the G933/G633 headsets. I installed the lastest version of the LGS software, and once connected the headsets popped up immediately. Options are organized into sections, beginning with key assignment.

The buttons can be customized by the user, and there are downloadable profiles for games as well:

I happened to have Project CARS installed on this machine, and a profile automatically appeared at the top of the list for me.

Next up is RGB lighting, which offers a choice of constant, breathing (pulse), or cycling through all colors. The lighting is also fully customizable, with two lighting zones; the logo as well as the light strip on the earbud can be given a custom color.

Audio presets and ustom EQ and are accessed from the next panel, giving users the option of tweaking virtually all aspects of the frequency response.

Finally, we have the surround controls.

Here the surround effect can be adjusted from Dolby to DTS Headphone:X, and volume levels can be adjusted per surround channel.

Next we'll take an in-depth look at audio performance from the Artemis Spectrum headsets.

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