Mic, Wireless, and RGB Lighting


The mic on the G933/G633 is a fold-away, boom style that features noise cancellation.

“Ensure you are heard with a crystal-clear noise-cancelling boom mic. The boom has an indicator LED so you know when your microphone is on mute. When not in use, the noise-cancelling boom mic can be folded back into the headphones and is nearly invisible.”

Unfolding the mic from left ear cup

In addition to folding down from the body of the left ear cup, the end of the mic can be extended for better positioning.

The extension is also flexible, allowing you to further customize the mic position. In practice this felt pretty solid, and it held its position well as long as I didn't try any sharp angles. And when you don't want the mic active an easy way to mute it is by simply raising the mic boom, which does so automatically.

To test the mic I first tried it out during some online gameplay, but I wanted a more critical analysis of the performance. To this end I used the mic to record my voice, and varied the level of background noise to test the cancellation effectiveness. The results were good, but not exceptional. Expect a sound closer to a mobile phone than a dedicated mic, though it was quite clear – if a little tinny. There was some noticable background noise rejection, but your environment will still be audible if sound around you is very high.

Wireless Performance

The G933 features 2.4 GHz wireless support in addition to a wired USB or 3.5 mm connection. The included USB dongle is actually stored behind a door on the outside of the left ear piece, which is convenient for travel (if you remember to replace it).

Wireless adapter is stored in the left ear piece

Wireless range was very good, allowing me to walk to the next room without losing connection. Moving two rooms away I found the limit of the wireless range; though range will be dependent on many factors, including position of the USB transmitter.

By default the G933 will put itself to sleep after just 5 minutes of silence, to prolong the battery life. However, if you are running the latest version of the Logitech software and headset firmware, this has been changed to allow full customization of the timer, from 5 – 30 minutes; or you can set it to "never" to keep the headset on until you choose to manually put it to sleep.

There is a drop down menu to change the sleep timer on the audio settings page

What about the sound? To my ears there was no discernable difference between 2.4 GHz wireless sound quality, and the audio with a wired USB connection. The headset is handling the digital-to-analog conversion onboard, so this makes sense. In any case, wireless sound is excellent. If you have a high-end DAC and/or dedicated headphone amp you'll probably be using the 3.5 mm analog input for audio, but the onboard system does a great job on both the G633 and G933 (including wirelessly).

An interesting feature is that the USB wireless adapter also has a 3.5 mm input, allowing analog passthrough. This can be used to mix audio from both the computer and another device. I tried this out using the included 3.5 mm cable to connect my smartphone, and in addition to allowing me to hear music and other audio from my phone through the G933, it also allowed me to hear alerts while gaming.

This feature is a pretty big deal if you're waiting for an important call or text (or need to hear alerts from your baby monitor app, for example). The headphones do a good job of sealing out external noise, so having this ability to stay 'connected' is a must for many people, myself included.

One important note: the volume level of audio being passed through will be dependent on your device's output level. I had my phone set to 100% volume during my testing, and even so I could barely hear it over louder content from my PC.

The battery is accessible from the right ear piece

As to battery life, Logitech rates the G933 at up to 12 hours with LEDs disabled, and up to 8 hours with lighting enabled (volume at 50%). I found these numbers to be accurate, and the battery life was sufficient for a day's worth of music and gaming. I used the headphones for 4 – 5 hours at a time (with LEDs enabled) typically during longer sessions, and the battery status was still at 50% when I finished. In fact, I only completely drained the battery after two days without charging, followed by a photography session for the LED lighting.

RGB Lighting Effects

As we saw in the controls and software section, the Logitech Gaming Software program allows the full customization of lighting effects in two zones, with the lighting strip and logo able to be controlled separately if desired.

The lighting can be set to a fixed color per zone, and there are also breathing and color cycle effects to choose from. With 16.8 million possible colors there's plenty of room to tailor the color to your personal preference, and to give you an idea of what at least a handful of the basic colors look like I created this composite image:

The colors are bright and vibrant, and overall the RGB effects are very well implemented. Not everyone is enamoured of RGB lighting, which seems to be offered on just about everything these days, and the lighting can be switched off if desired.

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