Inside the EVOLV ITX

The layout inside the EVOLV ITX is clean, and very red.

The glossy red enamel creates a very nice contrast with the black exterior, and is a nice change from the usual black interior.

No review would be complete without covering the side panels, and these are of the simple, slide-off-to-remove variety.

The EVOLV ATX had much more deluxe hinged aluminum doors, but the significantly lower price-point of the ITX version explains the difference.

Thumbscrews holding side panels in place include rubber washers

The rear of the enclosure offers an opening for up to a 140 mm fan, but there's not much clearance below the expansion bays for larger dual-slot GPUs. (We'll check out the fit on the next page.)

There is sufficient room up top for radiators and self-contained liquid coolers.

Up front we have our first look at the enclosure's massive 200 mm intake fan (we'll have a closer look at this giant fan shortly).

Just behind the intake sits the mounting point for a 2.5-inch drive sled, though only one is included with the enclosure (pre-mounted to the rear). Phanteks offers these sleds as a separate purchase (part PH-SDBKT_01), and they sell for less than $10.

Next we'll remove the front panel to access both the intake filter, and that giant fan. The front panel snaps into place, and is easy to remove by simply pulling outward.

With the front panel removed we see the large screen filter, which is easy to take off for cleaning.

I always prefer filters to be accessible without having to remove any panels, but this solution is just fine as everything comes off easily without tools.

And here is that 200 mm intake fan, which dominates the front of the enclosure.

This can be replaced with a pair of 120 or 140 mm fans (or up to a 240 mm radiator) if desired, but for this review I left the fan in place.

Finally we'll have a look beneath the rear side panel, where even the metal behind the motherboard tray is painted with the glossy red enamel.

This is probably the snazziest cable management area I've seen in an enclosure to date. Too bad it will be covered with a side panel! On a practical note, Velcro cable management straps are a huge plus here, and the main cable routing openings are protected with rubber grommets. A lot of polish here for a $65 enclosure!

We'll cover the build process with the EVOLV ITX on the next page.

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