Internals, Testing Methodology and System Setup


The external housing is a slight revision to what we saw with the 840 EVO. As you might note above, the top and bottom are now flipped. Aside from that, construction feels similar and just as durable as prior models.

We had a chuckle as we cracked these two models open. As Samsung is able to stack dies very efficiently within a single flash memory package, there is really no need for large PCBs full of chips here.

The (tiny) PCB fronts appear identical.

At the rear we see the difference between the two capacities, with the 250GB model (left) having an extra flash package, doubling the number of dies present.

Here is a better angle so we can actually read the part numbers. The MGX controller is used in both models. This controller was optimized by Samsung for client operations.

*edit* We learned after publishing that the 750 EVO is using a revised 16nm flash (the 840 EVO used 19nm). Other than the benefit of reduced cost, we know of no other performance changes over the flash in the 840 EVO. We can confirm that this 16nm planar NAND is the same 128Gbit per die of the prior generation 19nm flash.

One final thing to note is the absense of visible RAM on these products. There is now 256MB of DDR3 integrated into the controller, which makes for even simpler packaging and lower cost.

Testing Methodology

Our tests are a mix of synthetic and real-world benchmarks. IOMeter, HDTach, HDTune, Yapt and our custom File Copy test round out the selection to cover just about all bases. If you have any questions about our tests just drop into the Storage Forum and we'll help you out!

Test System Setup

We have several storage testbeds. A newer ASUS P8Z77-V Pro/Thunderbolt and an ASUS Z87-PRO. Variance between both boards has been deemed negligible when testing SATA devices. Future PCIe and SATA device testing, including this review, take place on a new ASUS Sabertooth X99, which comes equipped with USB 3.1, M.2, and can also handle SFF-8639 devices with the proper adapter.

PC Perspective would like to thank Intel, ASUS, Corsair, Kingston, and EVGA for supplying some of the components of our test rigs. 


Hard Drive Test System Setup
CPU Intel Core i7 5820K @ 4.125 GHz
Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth X99
Memory 16GB Micron DDR4 @ 3333
Hard Drive G.Skill 32GB SLC SSD
Sound Card N/A
Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 750
Video Drivers GeForce Game Ready Driver 347.88
Power Supply Corsair CMPSU-650TX
DirectX Version N/A
Operating System Windows 8.1 Pro X64 (update)
  • PCPer File Copy Test
  • HDTach
  • HDTune
  • IOMeter
  • YAPT
  • PCPer Latency Distribution / Latency Percentile
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