Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Solid, proven performance of the MGX controller and TurboWrite caching.
  • Outstanding low latencies at lower queue depths.
  • Lowest SSD launch MSRP (cost/GB) we have seen to date!


  • 120GB model cost is a bit high given its more limited performance.

Pricing and Warranty

  • 120GB – $55 ($0.46 / GB)
  • 250GB – $75 ($0.30 / GB)

Sure we see sales dipping through $0.30 / GB every so often, but here is an excellent performing 250GB capacity *launching* at that price point. With such a low MSRP, sale prices should look great for these once production really gets moving! That said, with pricing so low, there is now only a $20 difference in price to get *twice* the capacity. Remember that the next time some OEM tries to upsell you $100+ for an additional 120GB.

Lets compare those prices to what we saw for the 840 EVO launch back in July of 2013:

Yes, you're reading that correctly. These two capacities are now on sale at *less than half* of the 840 EVO launch price. Not bad considering this was less than three years ago!

Warranty drops to 3 years (other Samsung SSD models carried a 5-year warranty). This is in-line with competing budget storage devices.

Final Thoughts

Samsung has made the right move by bringing back their original formula to fill the low capacity gaps in their 850 EVO lineup. The smaller capacity of their planar (2D) flash dies lets them keep sustained sequential write performance respectable, and 3GB of proven TurboWrite SLC cache keeps the vast majority of consumer writes saturating the SATA bus. Samsung's new SSD 750 is a great low cost addition to their lineup that is sure to get excellent performance into the hands of those on a budget.

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