Installation Process

The C7 is a very compact cooler indeed, with as simple a mount as possible. When assembled for an Intel processor as I have done, there are four posts which simply pass through the cooler mount holes surrounding the LGA socket, and these posts are threaded where a plastic backplate will be attached on the other side.

C7 installed on my mATX motherboard with the included backplate

It's important to note that an alternative method exists to mount this cooler, as all C7 coolers produced in 2016 include a set of washers that allow mounting without the backplate. Mine didn't include these in the box, but CRYORIG sent along a set – just as they will for anyone who buy one that shipped before the kit was added. They have announced a program on their site to provide this kit to all owners of their C7 and M9i/a coolers, free of charge.

The washer kit is now included with the C7 coolers

Without these washers one might run into difficulty with some boards, where a backplate can't fit around components near the socket.

My own mini-ITX motherboard (an EVGA Z170 Stinger) was not compatible with the included backplate, as you can see, and required the washers to install.

Components on the board were in the way, preventing a flush mount. With the washers as spacers in place of the backplate, installation should be possible on any motherboard.

Mounting options aside, the C7 cooler is very simple to install, and as we can see here the compact footprint occupies little space.

The EVGA Z170 Stinger is not the easiest board to fit air coolers in, and the C7 heatsink gets very close to the oddly shaped heatsink to to the left of the LGA socket – but still clears it.

The installation was effortless, with or without backplate, and the cooler has a clean look to it.

Next we'll see how well the CRYORIG C7 fared on the test bench!

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