Included Accessories

Reeven included a fold-out instruction sheet detailing setup and use of the Four-Eyes Touch Fan Contoller. The sheet gives a detailed overview on how to setup and use the unit, but does not go in-depth into its settings.

The unit comes with a total of four fan cables, five temperature cables, four mount screws for mounting the unit into a 5.25" device bay, and mounting tape for fixing the temperature diodes in place.

The included fan cables are dual ended. The 3-pin connector plugs into the 3-pin fan channel header on the unit's PCB. The ridged side of the connector faces towards the PCB when plugging in. The other side of the cable terminates in a PWM-style connector, capable of accepting either 3-pin or 4-pin male fan connectors. The cables supply power to the fans from the header and receive rpm information back from the fan for the header.

The included temperature cables have a 2-pin connector on one end and a temperature diode on the other. The temperature diode is fixed to the surface where you'd like the temperature reading taken front using the included diode tape squares. The 2-pin connector plugs into one of the channel temperature headers on the PCB. The connectors plug into the headers vertically.

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