As of February 28, the Reeven Four-Eyes Fan Controller was available from for $49.00 and from for $49.95.


Reeven has a solidly designed controller with the Four-Eyes Touch Fan Controller. The black front panel is designed to blend in with most system builds and the offered display colors are designed to further the unit's ability to blend. The unit is well designed, protected by a black metal enclosure which is powder coated for scratch resistance. The touch interface is easy to use and the four provided fan channels support 3 and 4-pin fans with up to 30 watts per channel. The provided cables are sleeved and long enough to reach most places in an averaged sized case.


  • Quality Layout and Design
  • Easy to use touch interface
  • Support for fans of up to 2.5A or 30 watts per channel
  • Fits in single 5.25" case device bay


  • Internal parts not fully enclosed
  • Lack of detailed, in-depth instructions
  • Limited to seven display colors

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