Cooling Options

The Suppressor F31 case was designed with quiet operation and good air-flow in mind to keep all your high-end gaming hardware running cool and reliable. There are up to nine different case fan mounting locations along with support for liquid cooling.

Air Cooling

The Suppressor F31 comes with two Thermaltake fans preinstalled. One 120mm intake fan on the front panel and one 120mm exhaust fan on the back panel. Each fan is rated for 1000rpm and they are very quiet; but they do not move a lot of air. Additional fans can be added if you want more airflow.

(120mm front intake fan – included)

(120mm rear exhaust fan – included)

Note: Nearly all the fan mounting locations feature slots instead of just holes, which allow adjusting the position of fans to meet your specific application.

Optional fan mounting locations:

(Courtesy of Thermaltake)


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