Cooling Options (Cont’d)

The following table lists the noise generated by the two included case fans while operating at different speeds/voltages.  Sound Pressure Levels were taken 3’ from the front of the enclosure.  The ambient background noise level was approximately 26 dBA.

With both fans running at full speed the noise is barely noticeable and certainly not loud while providing baseline airflow through the case.  Slowing the fans down still keeps a little air moving but silences the case to a virtually inaudible whisper.

The Suppressor F31 enclosure is designed to support large, tower-style CPU coolers up to 180mm (7.1”) tall. The Hyper 212 EVO cooler fits in easily with room to spare.

Overall, the Suppressor F31 provides good baseline cooling with minimal noise. Some users may be happy with the included two cooling fans, especially if you are using liquid cooling for the CPU and GPUs. However, if you plan to rely on strictly air-cooling, you will most likely want to add additional case fans to increase airflow (and noise).

Liquid Cooling

The Suppressor F31 case offers several options for installing single, dual, or triple fan/radiator liquid cooling systems. For this review we installed three different liquid cooling systems, the Corsair H80i, Corsair H100i and a custom system that uses a triple-fan radiator.

The Corsair H80i liquid cooler uses a single 120mm radiator mounted on the back panel with a 120mm cooling fan. The bundled 120mm rear exhaust fan was removed prior to installing the H80i.

The Corsair H100i liquid cooler uses a dual 240mm radiator, which we mounted to the bottom of the top panel. The Suppressor F31 case can alternatively mount a dual 280mm radiator up top if you prefer. Note: all three sound dampening panels have been removed from the top in the photo above.

In addition to the top panel, the Suppressor F31 chassis can mount dual radiators on the front and/or bottom panel if you remove the internal 3.5” HDD cage.

And if you want to go with a triple fan radiator for liquid cooling, the top panel provides mounting options for three 120mm or three 140mm fans/radiators. Installing one does not even block the top external 5.25” drive bay.

Optional liquid cooling radiator mounting locations:

(Courtesy of Thermaltake)

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