Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Highest sequential performance seen from a 5400 RPM HDD to date.
  • Highest random / IOPS performance seen from a 5400 RPM HDD to date.
  • Matured enterprise technology adopted for consumer usage, along with a hermetically sealed drive enclosure, should yield improved reliability over air-filled HDDs.
  • Competitive cost/GB for consumer NAS / outstanding cost/GB for a Helium filled drive.


  • Helium did not make the 8TB Red noticeably lighter (I kid – it is actually 0.22 lbs lighter!).
  • Would like to see 7200 RPM consumer model (8TB Red Pro).

More 8TB Red review action coming soon!

Pricing and Availability:

Red (street pricing):

  • Red 8TB: $333 ($0.041/GB) (Amazon)
  • Red 6TB: $245 ($0.041/GB) (Amazon)

HGST He8 (in case you were curious):

  • He8 8TB: $427 ($0.053/GB) (Amazon)

The 8TB Red has shown up on a few outlets, with the lowest price hovering at around $333, which is actually a lower cost/GB than the initial 6TB Red pricing.


The new 8TB Red follows the same Red: Standard Western Digital 3-year Warranty (plus 24/7 support hotline specific to Reds).

Final Thoughts:

I'm extremely impressed to see Western Digital essentially repackage a Helium-filled enterprise HDD in consumer form. I'm even more impressed that they have done so while matching the cost/GB of their lower capacity air-filled models. We've seen companies like Intel do the same with their SSDs, but there is typically a price premium on the consumer product. Not so with the new 8TB Western Digital Red. Even with a slower 5400 RPM spindle speed, the new 8TB Red's larger cache and faster controller enable some performance metrics to approach 7200 RPM performance levels. With improved performance and competitive cost/GB, the only reason to overlook this product would be if you simply did not need such large capacity drives in your NAS or media server.

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