A Detailed Look

The be quiet! Pure Power 9 600W power supply enclosure is painted with a satin black finish and is trimmed with an orange ring around the fan. The power supply measure 160mm (6.3”) deep.  The back panel includes an On-Off switch, AC receptacle and open honey-comb grill.

The power supply uses a be quiet! silence-optimized 120mm, seven blade fan on the bottom for cooling.  The fan (BQ QF1-12025-MS) is rated for 0.3A and 1800 rpm at 12 VDC.

The front panel on the 600W PSU incorporates five modular cable connectors. The 24-pin ATX cable/connector and 12V P8 cable/connector are fixed (as they should be IMHO).

All of the modular cables are flat ribbon-style while the 24-pin ATX and 12V P8 are sleeved with a black nylon mesh covering.

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the be quiet! Pure Power 9 600W power supply.  The overall layout and build quality look good but the component selection could be better.

The new Pure Power 9 series features a modern circuit design that features an active clamp and synchronous rectifier technology with zero voltage and zero current switching for increased efficiency. The majority of capacitors used inside the PSU are Teapo electrolytic caps with a few solid polymer caps on the front connector board. The Pure Power 9 600W uses a single Teapo capacitor on the primary rated for 330uF, 420V and 85°C. Both the brand and the 85°C rating are a little disappointing.

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