Final Thoughts and Conclusions

First and foremost the new Pure Power 9 600W power supply is very quiet. This is in line with what we have come to expect from be quiet! and they have once again delivered. At low to mid power the fan spins very slowly and is virtually silent. I personally prefer this approach instead of turning the fan off at low power as you always have a little airflow. As the load increases and internal temperatures build the cooling fan speed gradually increases but never becomes loud.

The external fit and finish is very good and the chassis is 160mm (6.3”) deep. The 600W model comes with a very good assortment of modular cables and connectors, including four PCI-E connectors.

Overall performance was acceptable for an entry-level power supply but not outstanding. Voltage regulation and AC ripple suppression were both well within the limits specified by the ATX guidelines. Efficiency started off very good, even exceeding 90% at the 20% load mark, but dropped off noticeably as the load increased. And the choice of Teapo electrolytic capacitors (especially for the main primary side cap) and a 3-year warranty didn’t impress us.
The MSRP for the be quiet! Pure Power 9 600W power supply is targeted to be $69.99 USD.

•    400W, 500W, 600W and 700W models available
•    Very quiet, virtually silent at low to mid power
•    Good assortment of modular cables and connectors
•    80 PLUS Silver certified
•    Two +12V rails and four PCI-E connectors for multi- GPU systems
•    Meets latest Intel C6/C7, ErP and Energy Star guidelines
•    Active Power Factor correction (0.99) with Universal AC input

•    Average voltage regulation and AC ripple suppression
•    Efficiency drops off at full load (at elevated operating temperature)
•    Use of Teapo 85°C electrolytic capacitor
•    3-Year warranty

Our thanks to be quiet! for sending us the Pure Power 9 PSU to review.

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