Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Overall the new Eclipse P400S proved to be a nice case and a worthy addition to Phanteks’ case lineup. It forgoes some features found in more expensive enclosures but provides all the basics. The main focus is quiet operation and the P400S delivers, although at the expense of limited airflow. Sound dampening inside and a built-in fan speed control help keep the noise to a minimum. One of the P400S’s more unique features is the multi-color LED light-strip under the front panel which can add subtle but interesting lighting effects.

Some users may complain about the lack of drive bays; only four internal 3.5”/2.5” bays and no external 5.25” bays. However, this basic combination should serve the majority of users: one primary SSD and a pair of HDDs. And if you need more you can purchase add-in drive bays. External 5.25” drive bays are also of little interest to many users today. If you need an ODD burner you can always go with an external USB drive.

The inability to mount a liquid-cooling radiator (either single or dual fan configuration) on the top panel was a little disappointing but this isn’t a show-stopper as you can still mount a single 120mm liquid cooler on the back panel and a single, dual, or even triple fan radiator on the front panel.

It’s always a challenge to combine silent operation with high performance cooling. The Eclipse P400S enclosure provides a good foundation to build upon but ultimately it will be the parts that you choose to install into this case that will determine the final noise to performance benefit.

If your main goal is to build a very quiet, virtually silent PC then pay close attention to your choice for CPU/CPU cooler, VGA/VGA cooler, and power supply. Look for components that are designed to operate efficiently with minimal waste heat generation. With the right choices you can assemble a relatively powerful PC that can still operate with minimal noise and be virtually silent.

The MSRP for the Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent Edition Mid-Tower case is $79.99 USD. Hopefully we may see this price drop a little as the enclosure enters retail channels.

•    Very quiet with options for both air and liquid cooling
•    Clean styling with a choice of three colors: black, white, or gray
•    Selectable 10-color LED lights under front panel
•    Available with or without a side window
•    One 120mm intake fan and one 120mm exhaust fan included
•    Sound absorption material on front, top and side panel
•    3-Speed fan controller included
•    Support for single, dual, and triple fan radiators
•    Two tool-free internal 3.5” HDD bays
•    Two internal 2.5” SSD bays
•    Front intake, PSU intake and top panel dust filters – easy to clean
•    Oversized CPU back plate cutout for easy CPU cooler installation
•    Up to 160mm (6.3”) of space for tall CPU coolers
•    Allows installing extended VGA adapters: up to 395mm (15.2”) long

•    Not enough clearance above mobo to install a radiator on top panel
•    I/O panel on top harder to access when case is located under a desk
•    Bundled fans are very quiet but don’t move a lot of air

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent Edition Mid-Tower Case

I would like to thank our friends at Phanteks for sending us the Eclipse P400S case to review – thank you.

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