Front Mounting Radiators

The front panel of the case supports mounting of a maximum of 3 x 120mm, 2 x 140 or 2 x 200 fans or a 360mm (3 x 120), 280mm (2 x 140), or 360mm (2 x180) radiator. To use a larger radiator or more than a single fan requires removal of the 5.25" device bays. A multitude of mounting holes are provided in the mid to lower center of the front panel supporting fan and radiator mounting in almost any conceivable height or vertical positioning. The preferred mounting method for the radiator is along the inside front of the case, while fans can be mounted along the outside front underneath the case plastic front panel assembly.

Front-Mounted Radiator

The front-mounted XSPC 360mm radiator gives a good showing of how well the front space can be effectively utilized. While you do lose the use of all three 5.25" device bays, the amount of space effect space usage is impressive. The radiator is shown with the barbs on top, but would be just as effectively mounted in used with the barbs along the floor of the case. The radiator is held in place using screws through the front panel holes along the lower two-thirds of the radiator, giving more than sufficient stability to the assembly. Further, you still have the ability to front mount fans to the case underneath the plastic front panel, making for a very effective and space efficient push-pull configuration. A smaller radiator could be used in this space as well, like a 240mm or 140mm radiator, if there is a need for one or more of the 5.25" device bays in your build. One other thing to notice is that the radiator mounted does not inhibit the front panel assembly mounted to the left (as shown) nor to the right in the alternate configuration.

The side view of the front-mounted radiator gives a much better illustration on how must space is available between the mounted radiator and the PSU shroud, as well as how much floor space remains available for use versus a bottom or side mounted radiator. Further, there remains more than sufficient floor space along the front left and right sides of the mounted radiator to accommodate a reservoir and pump.

With a hard drive bay mounted in the front left position, the amount of space and the efficiency of a front-mounted radiator becomes more apparent. There more than sufficient room to accommodate the radiator and airflow through it. Further, the radiator mounting does not in any way inhibit use of the drive bays, nor use of cabling from the drives housed within the enclosure. The only caveat is in using a radiator in a top-down orientation. Using the thicker radiator shown would be tricky without the use of 90 degree barbs and innovative tube routing. Further, accessing the barbs for maintenance would require removal of the drive bay should it be used in a top-down configuration.

The view from the right side of the case gives a better look at the space available behind the drive bay. You would have more than sufficient room for an additional side or bottom mounted radiator, as well as an additional drive bay in the front right position if desired.

The top-down view of the radiator best illustrates how much space is left in front, on top, and to the sides of the radiator even with a hard drive bay in the front left position. As stated previously, there remains more than enough space for vertically mounted reservoirs along either side of the radiator as well as a pump mounted to the right or left of the radiator.

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