Results: 3D Mark Skydiver

The newest addition to 3D Mark is not nearly as tough on graphics as Firestrike, but it still gives most cards a pretty good workout.  The basic benchmark and standard settings are used.

Graphics are AMD’s bread and butter here.  Overall performance in this benchmark is heavily skewed to the AMD side.  The 7850K is the top result overall with the 7860K coming in second.  This is a bit surprising since the graphics portion of the 7860K is clocked faster than what is available on the 7850K.  The 7670K is of course slower because it gives up two GPU compute units.  The two Intel products are quite a bit slower in most of the sub-tests, but the i3-6100 is faster overall than the i3-4330.  One area where Intel does show its strength is in the pure physics test where it is much faster than what AMD can do.  Anything that has to do with rendering though is the domain of AMD.

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