Results: 3D Mark Fire Strike

The latest and toughest benchmark from the folks at Futuremark!  This pushes even the biggest and baddest graphics cards around.  Smooth framerates are hard to find on high end parts, much less what we actually see on integrated graphics.  The standard benchmark and settings are used.

The results here mirror those of the previous benchmark.  Firestrike is a much tougher rendering test for these integrated parts.  Going from nearly 30 fps down to 8 fps is a big change from Skydiver.  The Intel chips were extremely hard hit, but we again see the i3-6100 being a decent sized improvement over the older i3 and its HD 4600 graphics.  It still does not come close to what AMD offers, but we do see again in the pure physics test that the CPU is far outstripping what AMD can do for a four thread CPU.

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