Results: 7-Zip and DiRT Rally


This is a nice little file compression/decompression application that features a very handy benchmark built in.

The Intel parts are again faster here in the lower thread counts, but once we hit four threads things even out quite a bit.  The i3-6100 still holds a lead at every setting, but the AMD parts do quite well once we get above the dual core/hyperthreading limitations of the Intel parts.  Still, the 7860K is typically behind the 7850K, but in this one instance it overcomes the older part in the four thread results.


DiRT Rally

Released in April, 2015 to Early Access, Codemasters officially released their latest racer in December, 2015.  This is the most advanced title yet from the company with a comprehensive rewrite of the EGO 3.0 engine code; including physics, sound, and graphics.  Settings were placed at Medium presets, no AA, and 1080p.  The built-in benchmark was used.

Yet more interesting results!  In actual gameplay the 7850K rules the roost.  The 7860K gets close, but it really drops out in terms of minimum framerates.  The 7670K is lower at average, but has a higher minimum.  What we can glean from this is that the 7860K is likely throttling quite a bit more than the other two, and this makes sense when looking at the TDPs.  The i3-6100 is well behind the others, but at least we see that Intel has improved the HD graphics by a little bit…

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