Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Good overall performance.
  • First consumer M.2 available in 1TB capacity.
  • Available with or without M.2 to PCIe adapter.


  • Latency Weighted Percentile revealed inconsistent latencies, especially at higher QD.
  • Cost/GB is competitive, but Samsung 950 Pro is far more consistent for the money.

Pricing and Warranty

  • With AIC adapter
    • 128GB – $130 ($1.02/GB)
    • 256GB – $190 ($0.74/GB)
    • 512GB – $330 ($0.64/GB)
    • 1TB      – $760 ($0.74/GB)
  • Without adapter (bare M.2)
    • 128GB – $110 ($0.86/GB)
    • 256GB – $170 ($0.66/GB)
    • 512GB – $310 ($0.61/GB)
    • 1TB      – $740 ($0.72/GB)

Those not needing the adapter can opt to save themselves $20. Bare M.2 pricing comes in just a few dollars shy of the Samsung 950 Pro of the same capacity (only applies to 256 and 512GB, as Samsung is not yet shipping their 1TB capacity).

The RD400 line ships with OCZ's 5-year 'Advanced Warranty Program', which includes perks such as advance RMA based on product serial (no receipt needed so long as you are within 5 years of the manufacture date). Oh, they pay for return shipping, too!

Final Thoughts

OCZ's previous two product launches have been plagued with Toshiba controller issues that caused intermittent stutter during moderate to heavy writes, but they have mostly redeemed themselves with their new RD400. This revival of the RevoDrive product line shifts to a very speedy PCIe 3 x4 interface, and the Toshiba controller (lifted from their XG3) makes good use of the NVMe protocol. Overall performance comes in very close to the Samsung 950 Pro, but it did not beat that competing unit in the majority of our tests. That said, the RD400 did remarkably well despite some noted inconsistent latency issues, and as of today OCZ has the corner on the consumer M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD market. I'm thrilled to see OCZ pulling themselves out of their rut, and I sincerely hope they can maintain this positive trend moving forward!

OCZ gets gold here for an impressive showing. Here's hoping they can keep this trend going!

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