A Detailed Look

The Corsair SF Series 600W power supply enclosure is painted with a satin black finish and trimmed with white lettering. The power supply measures 100mm x 63mm x 125mm.  The back panel includes an On-Off switch, AC receptacle and open honey-comb grill.

The power supply uses a Corsair 92mm fan for cooling.  The fan (NR092L) is rated for 0.22A at 12 VDC and features a rifled sleeve bearing for long life and quiet operation. The fan blades have been specially designed to produce a relatively high static pressure to move more air through the power supply with less noise than a conventional fan. Corsair states the fan is also optimized for low RPMs by using an improved motor core and windings.

The front panel on the 600W PSU incorporates seven modular cable connectors.

All of the modular cables are flat ribbon-style to assist with neat cable routing and to help maximize airflow.

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside SF Series 600W power supply.  Corsair is using Great Wall as the OEM for the SF Series. The fact that Corsair actually designs the power supply and carefully specs all the components is evident by the PCBs with the silk-screened Corsair logo. The overall layout, soldering, and build quality all look excellent.

The power supply features a modern circuit design for high efficiency and uses DC-to-DC converters to produce the +3.3V and +5V rails from the +12V output. All of capacitors used inside the PSU are high-quality Japanese made caps with numerous solid polymer caps used throughout. The main primary capacitor is rated for 470uF, 420V and 105°C.

(Courtesy of Corsair)

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