CUE Software, Sound, Conclusion

CUE Software

The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software may already be running on your system if you use other Corsair peripherals, and for the VOID Surround headset some basic functionality is enabled when the USB adapter is connected to your system.

There is no RGB lighting with this model, so a primary function for the VOID Surround is setting up EQ, and enabling/disabling the Dolby Headphone surround effect.

Listening Impressions

The sound without the Dolby Headphone adapter was – without resorting to audiophile jargon – a little narrow, and didn't have as much bass as I was expecting. I would compare the stereo VOID sound to that of the less-expensive Sennheiser over-ear headphones. While a little flat, the sound was pretty accurate – but not especially dynamic.

This headset is really meant to be used with the surround feature enabled, and this isn't compatible with a console so Xbox/PlayStation users are stuck with stereo. (I don't think readers of PC Perspective will have an issue with the Windows requirement for surround sound.)

Plugging in the USB adapter and installing the software creates a new multi-channel audio device (at 16-bit/48 kHz), so games and other applications will be able to output surround mixes up to 7.1 channels.

There was an immediate change with the Dolby Headphone feature enabled. The sound was instantly wider, and more spacious. Directional surround effects were very good in games (I selected the "Movie Theater" EQ preset for these tests), and bass was a little better than with my stereo listening (thanks to an EQ boost). These headphones definately need some EQ and effects to sound more exciting, and the USB adapter and CUE software take care of this nicely.


The VOID Surround gaming headset offers solid construction, good comfort (depending on head shape), and convincing surround effects using the included USB adapter. Corsair describes the headset as a hybrid product, since the VOID Surround can be used without the USB adapter with game consoles, etc., and they work just fine for this. While they don't especially shine as passive stereo cans, they really come to life with Dolby Headphone enabled using the dongle, which is how I recommend using them.

For gaming and entertainment on a PC the Corsair VOID Surround gaming headset is a good value at $79.99, and I am especially impressed by the build quality, which gives me the impression that these are going to last a long time (making the value even better).

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