Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Good overall performance.
  • Very low MSRP cost/GB (see below).
  • Company extremely receptive and responsive to reviewer feedback.


  • Latency Percentile revealed some inconsistencies at higher write QD and overall elevated read latencies when the drive has been written to capacity.

Pricing and Warranty

  • 750GB – $200 ($0.27/GB)

Well, that list was easy. We'd like to see some lower capacities in the future, but 750 GB is a nice launch capacity given that Crucial can pull it off for $199!

The MX300 ships with a 3-year limited warranty.

Final Thoughts

For a budget SSD priced below $200, the 750GB Crucial MX300 delivers plenty of performance for the money. It represents a great showing of the first IMFT 3D NAND, coming in at a fraction of the cost/GB when compared with alternate 3D NAND solutions. The new and improved Dynamic Write Acceleration continues to sustain impressive performance even under more rigorous workloads, and the quad-core Marvell controller keeps overall performance at acceptable levels.

The Crucial MX300 gave us excellent performance for a budget SSD, and the 750GB capacity point is a great choice as well!

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