Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The new Titanium Series power supplies now occupy the top tier in SilverStone’s Strider series. We put the ST60F-TI 600W version through our full suite of tests and found the power supply delivered very good voltage regulation and excellent efficiency, meeting the strict 80 Plus criteria for the most demanding Titanium certification. The power supply is very quiet, even though the fan runs all the time (a good thing IMHO). AC ripple and noise suppression were also good with all values staying well below the ATX guidelines. And finally SilverStone is providing a 5-year warranty on the Strider Titanium and Platinum Series power supplies.  

The SilverStone 600W Titanium Series power supplies all feature a compact chassis that measures only 150mm (5.9”0 deep. This isn’t that unusual for a 600W PSU but as the power goes up (700W and 800W models) this could become a big advantage. The ST60F-TI is fully modular and comes with flat ribbon-style cables for easy installation and to help maximize airflow. The main down side to the Titanium Series power supplies is the relatively high cost – you are paying a significant premium for Titanium level efficiency.

The SilverStone Titanium Series power supplies are currently available and selling for: (May 2016,
•    ST60F-TI $139.99 USD
•    ST70F-TI $154.99 USD
•    ST80F-TI $169.99 USD

•    600W, 700W and 800W models available
•    Compact chassis is only 150mm (5.9”) deep
•    Excellent efficiency up to 94% (80 Plus Titanium certified)
•    Very good voltage regulation
•    All-modular, flat ribbon-style cables
•    Very quiet, virtually silent at low to mid power
•    High-quality 120mm fan with Fluid Dynamic bearing
•    100% all Japanese made capacitors
•    Four PCI-E connectors for multiple GPU support
•    Safety Protections: OCP, OTP, OPP, UVP, OVP, and SCP
•    5-Year warranty
Minor Weaknesses:
•    Relatively expensive for a 600W PSU
•    No master On-Off power switch

SilverStone 600W Titanium Series Fully Modular Power Supply

Our thanks to SilverStone for sending us the ST60F-TI PSU to review.

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