Packaging, Parts, and Features


Courtesy of Primochill

  • 10 minute build
  • Your style – Have the look you want with 12+ accent colors to make your bench POP.
  • H20 friendly
  • Open air bench
  • Rapid removal – Quick and simple removal of panels for easy hardware access.

Case Packaging

The Primochill Praxis WetBench comes in a sturdy cardboard box, featuring the product logo and description on its top along with a color picture of the case configuration enclosed. Primochill provided a black case with red acrylic for our reveiw purposes. The Praxis WetBench is available in a large assortment of base color and acrylic accent combinations. The powder coated steel parts come in base colors of black or white. The acrylic accent parts come in the following colors: black, blue, red, orange, grey, purple, yellow, light pink, light blue, UV green, UV blue, and UV red. The parts are packaged in the box in a series of five layers separate by cardboard separators and foam layers.

Opening the box reveals the Praxis WetBench's user manual and quality statement. The top foam layer also contains an embedded Praxis logo. The manual is a foldout sheet containing box contents as well as illustrated instructions for constructing the WetBench. The sheet contains no detailed instructions on wiring up the vandal switches, no on mounting radiators, pumps, or reservoirs to the bench. This is meant for advanced users only.

Removing the top foam layer uncovers the acrylic parts of the WetBetch, including the two side panels and the motherboard tray panel, as well as the steel motherboard tray. All acrylic panels are covered with brown sticky paper to protect the parts from scratches as well as plastic wrap to keep the parts from moving. The plastic wrap further protects the parts from rubbing on each other as well as putting stress on of the panels in addition to direct contact with the surface of the steel motherboard tray laying underneath the acrylic panels. The motherboard tray beneath the acrylic panels adds a further bit of rigidity to the package for protecting the acrylic panels from cracking.

Removing the acrylic parts and the cardboard separator reveals another layer of parts. This layer contains the steel side panels, 5.25" device bay, the PSU bay, the PCIe upright support, and hardware used for constructing the testbench. The bundled hardware includes vandal switches, wires for connecting the switches to board power, reset, and LEDs, an allen wrench, as well as a wide assortment of nuts, bolts, screws, and uprights.

Removing the cardboard reveals yet another layer of part – the two steel side panels. Like the acrylic parts, the side panels are wrapped in plastic to protect the finish on the panels, preventing them from moving and scratching each other in transit. There is also foam inset in between the panels for further support and protection.

Underneath the steel side panels lays the bottom layer of parts, the steel middle tray. The middle tray is power coated like all other steel parts. It sits in a form fitted form layer to prevent shifting of the part in transit and for protection form the box bottom.

Bundled Hardware

Primochill includes a set of two black plastic vandal push button-style switches, two o-rings, and a wire harness for wiring of both vandal switches into the motherboard power and resets jumpers. Both vandal switches are of a three prong variety kits for use as motherboard power and reset buttons. The switches can be mounted to the motherboard tray for side panels using the provided mount holes (a total of four provided) using the provided nuts and rubber o-rings.

Primochill bundles the test bench kit with a variety of hardware for mounting the motherboard and other accessories to the bench. The motherboard tray uprights thread through the tray bottom, held in place with the nylon M3 12mm standoffs. The motherboard mounting holes match with the upright locations on the tray with support for board sizes from micro-ITX to E-ATX form factors. The included metal M3 nuts can be used to hold the motherboard in place after seating it on the tray using the uprights.

The screws and fasteners packaged in with the Praxis WetBench include the following:

  • 14 x M3 motherboard standoff screws (metal / nylon) – used for motherboard mounting
  • 14 x M3 threaded standoff spacers (nylon) – used for motherboard mounting
  • 24 x M3 thumb nuts (metal) – used for motherboard mounting and acrylic to steel panel mounting
  • 11 x M3 split washer (metal) – used for acrylic to steel panel mounting
  • 11 x M3 10mm hex head screws (metal) – used for acrylic to steel panel mounting
  • 20 x M4 6mm hex head screws (metal) – used for steel to steel panel mounting
  • 10 x M3 8mm GPU thumb screws (metal / nylon) – used for holding PCIe cards to vertical mount bracket
  • 14 x hex head M3 5mm screws (nylon) – used for SSD mounting to middle tray
  • 10 x hex head M4 8mm screws (nylon) – used for 5.25" device bay and PSU cage mounting to middle tray, as well as optical drive and 5.25" accessory mounting to %.25" device bay cage
  • 14 x #6-32 .25 inch screws (nylon) – used for HDD mounting to middle tray
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