As of July 03, the Primochill Praxis WetBench test bench kit was available at for $185.00. The case was also available directly from for $184.99.


Before continuing with our final words on the Primochill Praxis WetBench kit, a word of caution. This kit is meant for the more seasoned enthusiasts only.

Primochill has a well-designed kit on their hands with the Praxis WetBench. They definitely did their homework going into its design, building a viable alternative to their original version WetBench. The most drastic differences are in the Praxis' structural design with its base structure constructed of a powder coated steel frame with acrylic accents instead of the original's fully acrylic design. The steel structure, while adding weight to the unit, adds stability and strength to the structure and kit as a whole. The steel panels can be thinner and alleviate the risk of bending, a common problem with thinner acrylic sheets. All parts are laser cut from the factory for easy fit and construction, giving the unit a clean look when put together. The multi-tiered design gives the benefit of cable and tubing routing for easy motherboard access and switching, further giving the system a more professional build quality. It's a great revision on an already great product.


  • Strong steel-based structure
  • Aesthetics and design
  • Intuitive construction
  • Easy to follow manual
  • Well packed
  • Support for multiple water cooling radiators and custom water loops
  • Internal spacing, layout, and design
  • Configuration and modding possibilities


  • Possibility of electrical conduction between surface mounted components because of steel structure
  • Lack of drive and power LEDs
  • Lack of instructions for installing and using vandal switches
  • Lack of expansion parts that were available for the original version of the WetBench

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