RGB Lighting, Performance, and Conclusion

RGB Lighting

A big component of this enclosure is the RGB lighting, and this is slickly done. The front panel has a single RGB control button, and each press selects a different color – with the final option being a color-cycle that slowly switches through all of the colors.

Here's a composite shot to illustrate nine of the possible colors:

The effect is very nice, with the fans, logo, and I/O area lit up with the same color. If you like RGB lighting you'll probably agree that this case has implemented the idea very well.

Temperatures and Noise

Very impressive! The vented design of the PRISM CR1280 provides the best temperature results for both air and liquid CPU coolers in this group. Obviously cooling is a strength for this design.

GPU results are very similar, with the CR1280 providing outstanding results, with slightly better temps when using the Corsair H75 liquid cooler on the CPU. This is likely the result of enhanced airflow, as the tested air cooler is a downward-firing design.

Noise results aren't as impressive as the temps, but the fully-vented front panel isn't going to reduce noise from your system components. Cooling is excellent, and this is the tradeoff. Front fans produced a fair bit of noise even at idle, with 38.4 dBA was the measured result regardless of CPU cooler. The enclosure was much louder at the "fast" setting, with a whopping 43.4 dBA noise produced at idle! As noted above, this setting did nothing of note to lower temps as configured, and the "fast" setting was not used for any benchmarks here.


The PRISM CR1280 is the first enclosure from RIOTORO we've looked at, and it is impressively built. The appearance won't appeal to everyone, and at this point there might be some RGB lighting fatigue in the PC enthusiast community. The fact that lighting affects are customizable (it can be disabled completely, as well) is nice, but you will pay a premium for this enclosure in part due to the RGB effects.

Price is the sticking point for me with the CR1280, though it dropped from $169 to $149 on Amazon recently. Even so, at $149 there are so many options out there that you will really need to want what RIOTORO has to offer. It will come down to personal taste. I like the look of the case quite a bit, and I found it to be very well made. It isn't built for silence, but then it isn't advertised as a quiet case, either.


  • Quality construction
  • Spacious interior for large components
  • Excellent cable routing support
  • Excellent storage support
  • Good cooling support
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • RGB lighting is well implemented
  • Built-in fan controller


  • Noise levels higher due to vented front panel
  • Price

If striking design and customizable RGB lighting are a priority, the PRISM CR1280 is an excellent option, though at $149 there is stiff competition from all sides.

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