Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Best in class performance (even outperforms competing MLC parts!)
  • Performance oddities seen in the 2TB model are not present in 4TB
  • Best SATA performance in our new Mixed Burst testing


  • Pricing is getting steep at these capacities (see below)…

Pricing and Warranty

  • 4TB – $1500 ($0.38/GB) (Amazon)

Most of the 850 EVO line has hung around the $0.38/GB price point for a good long while now, and the new 4TB model is no different. Those terabytes do certainly add up, though!

The Samsung 850 EVO 4TB ships with a 5-year limited warranty, rated at 300 TBW.

Final Thoughts

As the SSD drum beats on, folks want higher and higher capacities. Samsung has answered the call with their 4TB 850 EVO. 48-layer V-NAND enables even higher densities, meaning the move from 2TB could be accomplished with the same die count and a bit more DRAM. Performance was excellent, as we've come to expect from Samsung SSDs, but with a doubling of die capacity recently taking place, we'd like to see a bit less cost per GB in these higher capacity parts.

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