Final Thoughts and Conclusions

SilverStone’s new 700W SFX-L Series PSU brings 700 watts of combined DC output to the small form factor market in an extended chassis. Its most obvious feature is its small size, but the PSU also incorporates many of the features found in enthusiast-grade ATX power supplies (very good voltage regulation, excellent efficiency, relatively low AC ripple, quiet operation, and modular flat ribbon style cables).

The obvious advantage of the SFX small form factor power supply is its small size, especially when compared to a full size ATX PSU. However, the small size can also be a disadvantage as it only leaves room for an 80mm cooling fan, not to mention a cramped space for component layout. SilverStone has addressed this issue once again by creating the SFX-L Series power supply, which features a chassis that is 30mm (1.2”) longer; just enough room to spread out components for better airflow and to mount a 120mm cooling fan.

The SX700-LPT power supply delivered 700W of combined DC load with very good voltage regulation and excellent efficiency (meeting the 80 Platinum requirements) during our tests. AC ripple and noise suppression was also good. The power supply features an “intelligent semi-fanless” fan speed control circuit, which turns the fan off at low power for silent operation. At low power the SX700-LPT is silent and at mid-power it remains very quiet.

SilverStone’s 700W SFX-L power supply is fully modular and comes with eight relatively short ribbon style cables intended for use in small form factor cases. If you find one or more cables are too short for your particular build (especially if you are installing the SX700-LPT in a larger enclosure) SilverStone offers a complete line of full-size modular cables that can be purchased separately. All of the sleeved cables in the PP06 and PP07 Series will work with the SX700-LPT power supply.

The main thing we found not to like about the 700W SFX-L power supply is a 3-year warranty. SilverStone offers a 5-year warranty on some of their other premium PSUs but unfortunately the SX700-LPT is only backed by a 3-year warranty. The MSRP for the SilverStone SX700-LPT power supply is $149.99 USD.

•    700W Continuous DC output in the extended SFX-L form factor
•    Quiet 120mm cooling fan with semi-fanless operation
•    80Plus Platinum efficiency
•    Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the three main outputs)
•    All modular cables, flat ribbon style
•    Single +12V output can deliver up to 58.4A/700W
•    Four PCI-E connectors (6+2 pin)
•    SFX to ATX adapter bracket available
•    Compatible with SilverStone custom PP06 and PP07 sleeved cables

•    3-Year warranty

SilverStone SX700-LPT SFX-L Series Power Supply

Our thanks to SilverStone for sending us the SX700-LPT PSU to review!

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