A Detailed Look from the Outside

The MasterBox 5 case is made from a combination of steel and plastic parts.  The overall fit and finish of the case is good and our review sample is painted black inside and out. The riveted steel chassis is light weight but rigid and the satin black finish matches the black plastic parts very well. The styling of the MasterBox 5 is clean and simple without a lot of frills; however the large side window adds a nice touch.

The front of the case incorporates a large, removable grill with no exposed 5.25” drive bays. The front panel is easy to remove by just pulling out from the bottom. Inside the front panel are mounting locations for two 120mm fans (three if you buy an optional mounting bracket) or two 140mm fans.  One 120mm fan comes pre-installed.

Note: You can access and add/change fans on the front panel via the opening made by removing just the front dust filter. However, if you want more room to work you can remove the entire front panel by pushing in the standard plastic tabs on either side.

An external I/O panel is located along the top front edge of the MasterBox 5 case and includes:
•    HDD LED Indicator
•    (2) USB 3.0 ports
•    Power Button with LED Indicator
•    Headphone jack
•    Microphone jack
•    Reset Button

Both side panels are removable and secured with two thumb screws at the back. The left side panel features a large acrylic side window to show off all your internal hardware.

The top of the MasterBox 5 enclosure is solid with no options for mounting fans.

The rear of the enclosure reveals a typical ATX-tower style layout with the power supply mounted at the bottom.  A 120mm exhaust fan comes pre-installed, but noticeably missing are any openings for use with external liquid-cooling.

All of the expansion card brackets contain ventilation slots to allow warm air to exhaust out the rear of the case and are secured with thumb screws.

Flipping the MasterBox 5 upside down exposes two large rubber pedestal/feet and a dust filter for the power supply air intake. The filter slides out from the back for easy cleaning.

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