Installation of Components

Power Supply

The MasterBox 5 case is designed to mount a standard ATX power supply at the bottom. As a test, we installed a modular 750W PSU into the case.

The power supply slid easily into position and sits on a pair of rubber coated rails. It is secured with four screws on the backside panel.  Installing a typical (170mm/6.7” deep) PSU will leave you with about 5.5” of space between the PSU and HDD cage for stashing cables. However, if you relocate the HDD cage towards the back of the case to make room for a radiator on the front panel, you wind up with only about 3.5” for cables.

And once your build is complete, you can install the plastic baffle that hides the power supply and cabling for a clean look.


The MasterBox 5 case is designed to mount four different sizes of motherboards including E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX form factors. We installed both a Mini-ITX and a standard ATX motherboard into the case and in both cases everything lined up as expected. And there is a large cutout behind the CPU socket area to facilitate installing/changing CPU coolers.

(Mini-ITX motherboard)

(Standard ATX motherboard)

VGA Adapters

We also installed several VGA adapters to test the fit and once again everything lined up as expected. The expansion card slots all use thumb screws and the case will support cards up to 410mm (16.1”) long.

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