Installation (Cont’d)

Internal Hard Disc Drives

The internal HDD cage contains two plastic drive trays, which are designed to hold either a 3.5” HDD (no tools required) or a 2.5” SSD (mounted with four machine screws).

(Courtesy of Cooler Master)

If you need/want more 3.5” drive storage, you can purchase additional drive cages and stack them up behind the front panel as shown in the photo above. Also note, the HDD cage can be repositioned towards the back of the case to make room for a front panel radiator if desired.

Along with the 3.5” HDD cage with two trays, one additional SSD mounting bracket comes included with the MasterBox 5. SSDs attach to the mounting bracket with four small machine screws.

This bracket comes pre-installed in the top location behind the front panel but there are several other locations that can be used, three of which are shown below. At first this appears to be a good approach and as we have said there are many different locations available to mount a SSD. Unfortunately you need a SSD mounting bracket for each location and there is only one included with the case. So even though there are numerous mounting possibilities, you can only mount one SSD unless you buy addition SSD mounting brackets.

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