Installation Process

The installation process is pretty painless with the Macho, with a reassuring heft to the bracket given the weight of the heatsink (900g without fan). As noted on the first page, Thermalright includes a plastic spacer for your LGA 1151 processor due to concerns about Skylake substrates bending under significant pressure.

The included spacer helps prevent damage to thinner Skylake CPUs

The bracket starts with a metal plate behind the CPU, from which your board is protected via a set of small plastic washers.

The finished assembly provides a solid base for the large cooler, with the standoffs covered by a metal plate.

The heatsink is connected to this base via another metal plate, which is screwed down on either side. Getting to one of these screws is simple:

And attaching the other side of the plate will require the use of that hole in the middle of the heatsink:

This was actually easy with the included screwdriver, which has a magnetic tip to help get this mounting screw into place. It required some extra care, but once both sides were tight the heatsink felt rock solid.

Here's a look at the installed cooler, which presented no clearance issues thanks to the taller profile:

Next we'll see how this massive cooler performed!

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