Performance and Conclusion

Test Platform
Processor Intel Core i5-6600K
Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport 8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Graphics Card XFX AMD Radeon 5450 (Fanless)
Storage OCZ Vertex 460 120GB SSD
Power Supply Corsair TX 650W PSU
OS Windows 8.1 64-bit

CPU Temps

I knew the Le Grand Macho RT was a very high performer while I was testing it, but to see it against these other results?! To only be bested by two very high performing liquid coolers is pretty amazing.

Noise Levels

When the noise results between this Le Grand Macho RT and the Scythe Ninja 4 within 0.5 dBA of one another, and with a +/- 1.5 dBA margin of error from my SPL meter, we can consider these two ultra-quiet coolers virtually tied. The Ninja 4 is still the quietest cooler I've ever tested, but only very slightly. When placing my ear almost against the side of the fan I can hear just a bit more turbulence from the Le Grand Macho RT's fan - which makes sense considering the fact it's moving more air.


Thermalright's Le Grand Macho RT is simply the most impressively powerful (and nearly the quietest) cooler I've tested. At the lowest fan speeds it's almost silent, and it has the capability of besting a powerful liquid cooler at the highest fan speeds - which are still ultra-quiet!

Simply put, the Le Grand Macho RT offers staggering performance for an air cooler, and does it with whisper-quiet noise output. If you have space for it in your case, and if you have the budget for a $79.99 cooler, buy it.

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