Bundled Applications

Included Applications

  • ASUS AI Suite 3
  • ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 5 with 5-Way Optimization
  • TPU (Turbo Processing Unit)
  • EPU (Energy Processing Unit)
  • DIGI+ Power Control
  • Fan XPert 4
  • Turbo App
  • USB 3.1 Boost
  • AI Charger+
  • PC Streamer
  • PC Cleaner
  • Disk Unlocker
  • USB BIOS Flashback Wizard
  • ASUS Wi-Fi GO!
  • ROG AURA RGB Lighting Control
  • ROG GameFirst IV
  • ROG KeyBot II
  • ROG RAMCache
  • ROG RAMDisk
  • ROG Mem TweakIt
  • DAEMON Tools Pro Standard
  • ASUS WebStorage
  • Overwolf
  • Kaspersky® Anti-Virus

AI Suite 3

The AI Suite 3 application is a bundling mechanism for all the included ASUS designed utilities, providing a centralized panel from which to access and run the applets. All applets can be accessed by clicking on the expansion button on the middle left side of the page. The applet list then slides out to the right in a frame along the inside left of the page. The AI Charger+ applet configure the USB port for optimized fast-charging of Apple-specific or generic USB-based devices. The USB 3.1 Boost applet supercharges your USB 3.1 ports, allowing for enhanced read and write performance with the amount of performance gain based on the USB 3 device in use. The USB BIOS Flashback Wizard creates a BIOS file that can be used in conjunction with the BIOS Flashback functionality built into the board to re-flash the BIOS without the need for booting. This is functionality that I wish more motherboard vendors would embrace because it is easier than you think to corrupt a BIOS. Normally, the board is toast if you cannot boot into the BIOS or reset it successfully. This BIOS Flashback function gives you another option and has saved my bacon in at least one instance in the recent past. The Overwolf utility is an in-game overlay that allow for display of an in-game utility bar for accessing a variety of apps and functions without leaving the game interface. ASUS offers a variety of premade skins and overlays through their ROG site.

Dual Intelligent Processors 5

The main app opens to the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 page, organized into separate sections for each of the five 5-Way Optimization features. The overclocking settings are housed in the TPU section. The EPU section houses power saving related settings. The DIGI+ VRM section houses settings specific to the board power circuitry, and the Fan Xpert4 section contains fan controls. The Turbo App section houses application specific performance, network priority, and audio settings. Along the top of the app are the current power saving settings enacted and the start button for the 5-Way Optimization wizard. Along the bottom of the app are real-time monitoring display settings.

5-Way Optimizations Wizard start page, TPU section

5-Way Optimizations Wizard start page, TPU, EPU, and Fan sections

5-Way Optimizations Wizard start page, Digi+ Power Control and Graphics Cards sections

5-Way Optimization Wizard warning message

5-Way Optimization Wizard in progress, TPU test

5-Way Optimization Wizard in progress, TPU test continued

5-Way Optimization Wizard in progress, Fan Xpert4 test

5-Way Optimization Wizard in progress, EPU test

5-Way Optimization Wizard in progress, Digi+ Power Control test

5-Way Optimization Wizard in progress, Graphics Card test

5-Way Optimization Report, TPU and EPU sections

5-Way Optimization Report, Fan section

5-Way Optimization Report, Fan and VGA sections

TPU, CPU Frequency settings page

TPU, CPU Strap settings page

TPU, Graphics Cards settings page

Fan Xpert4 page

Fan Xpert4, Fan details page

DIGI+ Power Control, CPU settings page

DIGI+ Power Control, DRAM settings page

Turbo App page

EPU page

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